Very pretty and relaxing, held a beautiful ceremony for a wedding

Felicia Handley

So beautiful. Best wedding venue in Stuart hands down.

Sharon Berendes

Very private and beautiful. The couple running the place are very awesome and nice.

Oyvind Hatlevik - Google

Amazing management and garden, highly recommended.

Shane Knox

Awesome setting. Must be seen.

Ronald Caron

These extensive gardens are the PERFECT site for a wedding and one of the best priced in all of Stuart. They have a ceremony area with a gazebo, a reception area, a gorgeous entryway, all surrounded by the most luscious greenery!

BPD Balance

Totally exceeded my expectations ❤

Lana Thomas

Attended a wedding there. A beautiful place for any event.

Mary Defalco

Beautiful place, very nice and friendly people. I highly recommend for weddings, etc. Words from a groom.

Glen Hauser