These extensive gardens are the PERFECT site for a wedding and one of the best priced in all of Stuart. They have a ceremony area with a gazebo, a reception area, a gorgeous entryway, all surrounded by the most luscious greenery!

BPD Balance

Totally exceeded my expectations ❤

Lana Thomas

Stunning. Had a great time and I'm sure their pics will be amazing! Must see!

Ben Wrong

Amazing management and garden, highly recommended.

Shane Knox

Very private and beautiful. The couple running the place are very awesome and nice.

Oyvind Hatlevik - Google

Beautiful planning our wedding here.

Dwayne Ellis

Very pretty and relaxing, held a beautiful ceremony for a wedding

Felicia Handley

So beautiful & tropical such a great place for a wedding.

Linda Ditroia

Awesome setting. Must be seen.

Ronald Caron